Welcome to Announcements Newsletter

Mike Cleveland <mike@...>

Greetings friends,

Welcome to this announcements newsletter; we will use it sparingly so as not to clog up your email. 

We are excited about reaching people's hearts and lives with the gospel. Setting Captives Free 2.0 is coming and it is entirely revised, updated, and covered in gospel grace. We are earnestly praying about it and would ask you do partner with us by praying. Pray for men and women who need freedom, and for their families as well. Pray for me as I write, pray for our mentors who prepare, pray for our board of directors who sense our need of the Lord greatly. 

Also pray for our first conference where there will be gospel preaching, gospel worship and gospel testimonies. We don't of course have a date for the first conference, but we greatly look forward to it. 

And share! Share with anyone you know that we are about to launch, come July 4th. We pray earnestly that we will be so overloaded with students that we won't have anywhere to turn, except to the Lord. Through Him we can do all things as He gives us the strength. 

So I just wanted to say hello, and will post here with any further announcements about the new Setting Captives Free 2.0. 


Mike Cleveland