The Power of the Cross: 77th Edition, April 28, 2019

Mike Cleveland

Greetings friends,

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Next, we wanted to share three short testimonies of the power of the cross in the lives of people:

Paul writes, "I have struggled with my weight for years, and the Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course has truly helped me by God's grace to break the hold food has had on me. The course helped me immensely with my spiritual walk and brought me closer to my Savior Jesus Christ.

I have lost 18 lbs, and my clothes are loose. I feel better and have more energy. By God's grace, I am growing closer to Christ by Savoring Him.

It is a process, learning to suffer with Christ and wait for hunger before eating. Jesus is helping me to break the hold that food has had on me for years. I am slowly by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ learning to walk by the spirit. Being in the word with all the Scripture has renewed my spiritual vitality.

My mentor Bill was so very helpful and encouraging. He made a major difference in my life.”


Kwabena writes, "Since taking the Setting Captives Free Purity Boot Camp course, I now love the Lord more and seek to know and experience Him for who He is. By so doing, I'm getting to realize I have been believing a lie all along.

Jesus is drawing me closer to Himself by and by and exposing me to the light in His kingdom.

I no longer live under a burden of shame and guilt. That had been a pain for a long time. Because I felt condemned, I always went back to sin. But now, Jesus has opened my eyes to this truth after countless prayers to make me know Him and fall in love with Him.

I'm now spending time with him more and enjoying fellowship with him."


L.K. writes, "I enrolled in the course because I was captured by the presentation of the truth here. My main struggle has been sexual impurity. When I saw in this course that suffering with Christ is an important part of our Christian experience, it was exactly what I needed to hear. The cross becomes real to us when we have to deny our flesh and suffer with Christ. Freedom is not effortless and without pain. Philippians 3:10 has become a new verse to me. It has been an intimate experience to fellowship with Christ in His sufferings when I have faced temptation, and I've had to deny the pull of the flesh to sin.

I saw the matter of savoring Christ as very important for our freedom. I was deeply touched by the verses in Deuteronomy 8 and John 6. The Lord humbles us and lets us go hungry to make us see our need for Jesus as our true bread of life. This nourishment in Christ for me has mainly happened at the cross where God hung a wonderful feast, His dear Son, for us to enjoy.

Walking by the Spirit has also taken on a new meaning. To see how intimately the work of the Spirit is related to Christ and His cross has truly changed my experience. It has been amazing to experience the Spirit taking me to the cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ again and again and smiting and softening my heart and making me new at the sight of my Savior dying for me. The sorrow and pain to see the dearest Son of God die for my sin and the love and forgiveness of God through the death of His Son have been life-changing. Only the Spirit can do such deep and fine work. How thankful I have to be that as I walk by the Spirit, I can experience the power of the cross every day.

I have not really struggled with being overweight, but I have definitely been guilty of overeating. Eating is such an important part of our life and even spiritual life, and we need to approach it through the truth of the Bible even if we don't struggle with weight. Denying my right to eat whenever I want and to wait until I'm truly hungry has been humbling but has brought me into deeper intimacy with Jesus and has taught me to consecrate my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit to God. My eating habits have changed quite much through this course, and I have shed a few extra pounds. It is so sweet to be sanctified in my eating for the sake of my love for Christ and intimacy with Him. Jesus as the Bread of Life is more important to me than physical food, but I'm also thankful for every tasty and nourishing meal to strengthen my body so I can serve my Lord in this earthly body. I also want to testify that even though it's not been easy, Jesus has given me freedom from sexual impurity by His grace."


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Mike Cleveland
Volunteer for Setting Captives Free