The Power of the Cross: 67th Edition, 2.17.2019

Mike Cleveland

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This week we have three testimonies to share with you; one from our brand new weight loss course (as of January 2019), one from the purity course and one from the depression course:

Erin's Testimony: Breakthrough! Set Free from Fad Diets

Though I didn't have much to lose, I'm happy that I'm down about 6 pounds in 6 weeks. I am learning to experience joy in the midst of suffering. I'm learning that to be free from the law and guilt means to be free from the power of sin.

God is teaching me how to respond biblically when I am hurt - not in anger but with grace. I am learning to get rid of bitterness and not run to food. Jesus is my true comfort food. As I walk by the Spirit and focus on the cross of Christ, I am starting to live like who I truly am in Christ and not according to my flesh.

This course was a breakthrough from years of fad dieting and guilt. It is also developing freedom in other areas of my life, both emotionally and spiritually - which is the ultimate goal.


Brian writes, "At a young age I experienced how pleasurable touching myself was. This sprung into eventually looking at magazines and reading romance novels to continue to feed my sin anything I could find.  During this time I also fully committed my life to Jesus.  However this secret sin in my life continued to hold on.  I surrounded myself with Godly people was part of accountability groups and really had a pretty good hold but there would continue to be moments of weakness to times of deep slavery. This wrecked me as I felt that I was supposed to serve in ministry but also felt I would never be good enough.  This continued after getting married, after having kids, it continued to be this dark part of my life that I began to think would always be there and would disqualify me.  

After a ministry position opened up at my church I openly shared my struggle with pornography with my pastor.  He immediately put the opportunity on hold and directed me towards Setting Captives Free.  This has been a journey as I did the lessons I knew all the right answers but as I continued to be faithful Jesus started to do a work in my heart.  I came to realize how powerful the gospel is.  I began to open up my heart to the  power of the Holy Spirit to come into my life and clean out the areas that I never let him into before. Towards the end of the study, I had this picture in my head of finally opening doors to old rooms in my mind that I had never let Jesus into before and asked him to take up residence there to remove all other idols and make my mind and heart a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit to dwell.  The freedom and joy that comes from surrendering to Jesus is better than anything the world can offer and have been experiencing the goodness of renewed desire and intimacy for my true savior Jesus.”


Deborah writes, "I have to say that my focus has changed, and a heart transplant has taken place throughout the time I have been doing the lessons in the Setting Captives Free course for Depression. I don't even know what specifically it was, or if it was a combination of things that I needed to read and experience; but through all of this, I know Jesus is my Hope, Counselor, and Friend. I now know, without a doubt, that I am loved and a child of the Most High.”


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Mike Cleveland