The Power of the Cross: 48th Edition, September 9th, 2018

Mike Cleveland

Hello friend,

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Just as a reminder, you are invited to join us this coming Tuesday, the 11th of September for a live, interactive learning course called “Set Free”. This is the second in a 4-part live study series on how to be set free. To join simply click on this link on Tuesday the 11th at 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern: 

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At Setting Captives Free our goal is to see the cross of Jesus change hearts and save lives. Obviously we cannot do the changing, but the Spirit of God can and does. Here are some examples:

Ryan writes, "Yes, it was amazing. How it was put together to relate the old and new testaments was amazing for me. Before this course I never could relate or even understand what I was reading. With the set up of this course in can now open my bible to any page and understand its relationship to the cross. How amazing and freeing this is. I am so happy with the progress I made with my bondage that I was in and now I can say that I am free."

"My wife told me yesterday that she has seen such an improvement in my attitude, my loviness towards her and my children, and overall my mental health has drastically improved. THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY HEALING!!!!!”

You sure have brought the gospel into a new light which allowed me to understand it. Not only that through this course and the healing power of Christ it has saved my life and gave me new hope. I was on the brink of suicide many time over the past year. My doctors have put me on so many meds to help "make me happy." All it did was numb me even more to the world. Know with the knowledge of Christ following through me I can finally breathe for the first time. Thank you for allowing GOD to work through you all to make this course. It is truly a blessing.

Kristen writes, "I stumbled onto porn when I was recovering from surgery, and soon used it to cope with the brokenness of life. It quickly took root and filled my mind with lust. I felt guilty and shame; I thought lust was a man's problem. I tried to escape it's chains on my own, but I was it's captive. I remembered SCF and looked it up. I learned of the power of the cross. I learned that Jesus, as the Savior, came to earth to die in my place. He took all of my some on himself, died, and now lives again. The power of his resurrection means that I can die to my sin as I look to Jesus. He died for me - what love! The more I fall in love with Jesus by looking at his sacrifice for me on the cross, the less power lust has in my life. My desires have changed, and I have peace rather than the burden of being enslaved to sin.

"Sheri writes, "Although I had known and loved Jesus for years and had seen His gracious work in my life in so many areas, I continued to be enslaved to food and was seeing the physical effects of this bondage in my body.  I had been in bondage to food for so long, I had learned to push it aside and not think about the effects this sin was having on me physically, mentally, or spiritually.
By God's grace, I found myself in a physical place where I just couldn't ignore the impact that the sin of misusing food had had on my body and a dear friend encouraged me to consider Setting Captives Free.  God used this study to open to my eyes to the freedom that had already been purchased on my behalf and that was available for me to walk in! Through this study, learning to apply the gospel on a daily basis to this specific area of temptation in my life has been life changing!  The Lord has used this study & His Word to remind me of His love, Jesus' sacrifice, and the grace and freedom purchased through that sacrifice.  Despite the fact that I had lived in rebellion and didn't deserve to be rescued, I have begun to lose weight, my blood sugar is improving, I physically & mentally feel better, and I am walking in a freedom that is life giving!  I am grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit to take what I have learned in this study and remind me of what has been done for me in moments of temptation and have felt encouraged to walk in freedom and obedience to the One who has freed me. "By His stripes we are healed" has become such a true foundation of my life by working through this study and I am so grateful the Lord has chosen to use it in this way."


Mike Cleveland
Volunteer for Setting Captives Free