The Power of the Cross: 44th Edition, August 12, 2018

Mike Cleveland

 Hello friend,
Welcome to the new subscribers just joining our newsletter. We publish once per week on Sunday. The newsletter alternates a gospel teaching on one week with testimonies from Setting Captives Free students on the following week. We hope you will find the newsletter helpful and encouraging. 

This week we have several testimonies and comments for you, our purpose in sharing them is to show the power of the cross to change hearts and lives. Check these out:

Purity course:

Sean writes, "I felt like a slave to sin many times as I habitually sinned in the area of pornography and masturbation. My victory I have now is from the cross of Jesus Christ. Each day Jesus fights my battles for me. I don't deserve to be here, but He saved me with His blood on the cross. Any victory I have now... which lately has been much victory comes from Jesus Christ and what He has done for me on the cross. Jesus has set me free and guides me through each and every day. Praise your name Jesus Christ. Thank you for what you have done for me and transforming my mind to glorify you. Amen!”

Faith Building Studies course:

Carol writes, "I am awed that He would do that for me. I have never fully examined what he went through, the pain and suffering physically and mentally. It is very sad. It is awe inspiring and it shows how precious hthis sacrifice was and how selfishly I have taken it for granted. I don t want to take it for granted anymore. I want to live as a reflection of His sacrifice. If He can sacrifice for me, I can sacrifice to reflect Him in my dealings with others.

I did see the gospel clearly today. Maybe more clearly than I have before. I commit to remember the red cord and to use it to remind me of what God did for me and why my life should be a reflection for Him.

Faith Building Studies course:

Kelly O. Writes, "I definitely did see the cross today. Comparing and contrasting Achan and Jesus was eye opening for me, because I definitely saw myself in Achan. I know what it s like to be tempted, to fall in to sin, and to know that God is far away. But to put Achan, a very real illustration of a man deserving death for his sin, next to Jesus, who definitely deserved the exact opposite, was revealing to me. I now see greater depth in the saving gospel!"

Weight Loss course:

Anonymous writes, The cross used to just be where Jesus was crucified and died.  But now it means so much more.  It's my freedom and my salvation.  It's where I go to see God when I am weak and need his help, it's where I go to receive his grace.  It changed my heart from seeking comfort in food and being lazy to turning my focus on God and finding comfort in him because he is the bread of life and only he can truly satisfy.  Our God is truly an awesome God and I am so thankful for this bible study and the chance to dwell in his presence and the knowledge that I can always find comfort in Him because he is always there and will never abandon me. I have lost 10.5 pounds so far."


Mike Cleveland
Volunteer for Setting Captives Free