The Power of the Cross: 42nd Edition, July 29th, 2018

Mike Cleveland

We are sometimes asked if anyone gets saved as they study with us, and the answer is yes, though not through our courses. They are saved as they read the gospel, and the Holy Spirit applies it to their hearts and they believe the message. Oftentimes God uses the students mentor to give the message of the cross, and the student believes it and is saved. 

This week we wanted to send two testimonies that show the power of the cross to save people. Additionally, I wanted to show you how the message of the cross goes on saving people, or what the Bible calls “sanctifying”, by having you read a statement from one of our mentors who was responding to our weekly mentor check-in. 

Here they are:

“I read this lesson today, and actually heard the gospel and believed it. I was saved today through this lesson.”—Jessica, age 17, Faith Building Studies day 3 at Setting Captives Free. 

"Thank you for starting this. It gave me hope that I truly believed I could never have. I was so lost before I started this, but now I feel as if I can actually live a life of victory in Jesus Christ. You are changing and blessing people's lives every day.”—Nicholas, Purity course day 60 at Setting Captives Free.

And here is one of our mentor’s responses to our weekly mentor check-in:

"Thank you Shon,

Wow what a story! The world loves a story of drama and a great rescue story, don't they. And what better drama and  rescue story than the story of the One who humbled Himself,  exchanged His crown of jewels for a crown of thorns to rescue those in deep oppression and darkness. The story of the One who, like the divers, went His way (to the cross, and they through the cave), without regard to His own life, He did it obediently and for the joy set before Him. They entered the darkness of the cave, and He entered the utter darkness of separation from His Father, all to give us life, wonderful, abundant and eternal life.

I am thankful for modern day, real life heroes and I am thankful for the greatest hero of all times - Jesus.

Yes, I see myself as a rescuer, (although not as a hero) helping point others to the way out of the darkness and out of their cave of captivity, and that was the motivation behind becoming a mentor here at SCF. To point the way, not only out of darkness, but into the Light. Into the majestic, healing and loving presence and arms of Christ. Help point others to the foot of the cross where mercy, love and grace flow abundantly in crimson.

I am oh so thankful that Jesus did not /does not require us to scrape ourselves together and to meet Him halfway. That He came down to us, in our filth and darkness and rescued us right there in our bloody and wretched state. Right where we were at. When we called out to Him, He was right there with us, pulling us out of the miry clay.

With deep gratitude and a humble heart,



Mike Cleveland
Volunteer for Setting Captives Free