The Power of the Cross: 34th Edition, May 26, 2018

Mike Cleveland

 Hello friend,
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This week we want to share a few of the latest testimonies of lives changed through the gospel. The below comments are from the Setting Captives Free weight loss course:

"For so long I have grasped and grasped for what would comfort me. I have read my bible, prayed, attended church faithfully, attended other church events, helped in some type of ministry, the whole time thinking maybe my heart just isn't right. Maybe my motives just aren't right; I need to focus the fruits of the spirit more, I need to add to my faith virtue, and to my virtue patience, and so on. I was never able to do these things. However, I realize now that I was trying to do these in my own abilities. Its not what I can do, but Christ in me. Then, through Setting Captives Free Ministries, I learned to go to the cross and saw what truly took place there and oh, what a difference!" 

Another recent graduate from the Weight Loss course shares this testimony:

"As a young teenage, like many of my peers, I began feeling the pressure to diet and exercise to the extent necessary to achieve a slimmer physique. This struggle continued through my twenties and into my early thirties, as I was never naturally as thin as some of the other girls my age and had to exert tremendous effort to maintain even a "normal" weight. 

After meeting my husband, a personal trainer, I developed healthier eating and exercise patterns more naturally, and I lost the weight I had struggled so long to shed. However, I still craved food above nearly anything else in my life, always looking forward to my next meal. 

Through many different eating plans, nothing seemed to satisfy, and I often found myself binging on food after no longer being able to hold off my cravings. After each binge, I would wake up the next morning feeling hopeless and helpless, realizing that the food I had thought would fulfill me once again let me down. 

Although I monitored my eating and exercise patterns enough to maintain my weight loss, I felt desperate to be free from this cycle of eating healthfully, craving forbidden foods, and finally binging. 

Through my involvement in the this course at Setting Captives Free, God opened my eyes to His power and ability to save me from this pit of despair. I saw that He sent His own Son to take my place on the cross, to remove my sin and give me His righteousness, and through His death to give me His Holy Spirit. He then taught me to feast upon His Word and to find my fulfillment in Him rather than through food. 

He has used the teachings in this course to transform my life, and for the first time ever, I feel as though I am walking in freedom. I no longer see food as the fulfillment of my life, but rather, my purpose is found in loving and serving Him. He is continuing to grow me daily, and although I still have so far to travel, I will forever be grateful to this ministry for faithfully presenting God's truths regarding eating and its place in our lives. Praise God for this wonderful ministry!"

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Mike Cleveland
Volunteer for Setting Captives Free