The Power of the Cross: 30th Edition, April 15, 2018

Mike Cleveland

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This week we have a testimony coming from the weight loss course:
Linda shares: "In my mind I see a time-line of my life of eating. ... I see the cross growing through out this time-line as I begin to grasp, and fully understand it’s meaning and power.
Today the cross is looming much larger than previous seasons in my life; as I now realize that what my heart truly craves is Jesus. I will never be fully satisfied, or my craving satiated, with out stopping at the cross of Christ.
As I stop and reflect on the cross, I realize that it is here that I have gained my freedom to say “No!” to the lust of my flesh, and it is here that I have resurrection power to rise, and step away from the table of over eating.
It is at the cross that I desire for my cravings to be filled with all things Jesus, and not some momentary taste that flees away, and afterwards lashes out at me with guilt - the moment I give in to its lure.
It is Jesus who truly satisfies and is life-giving. And in knowing this truth, I run to the cross and cling; for Christ is my true salvation for eternity; but also, from all things that pull-at-me, and cry out for me to taste them; but as soon as I do, the pleasure turns to guilt and condemnation.
It is in the cross of Christ that I find His eyes of love upon me. And it is at the foot of the cross that I receive grace when I feel as though I have messed up and returned to my old sin patterns. It is at the foot of the cross that I receive Holy Spirit Power and desire to say no to the sin of gluttony. It is here I am transformed and given a new mind and a new heart. It is at the foot of the cross that I find Jesus and realize that He is all I need."
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Mike Cleveland
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