The Power of the Cross: 22nd Edition, February 18, 2018

Mike Cleveland

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For today’s testimony I wanted to show you a progression. When people enroll in our courses often times they are skeptical, don’t have much hope that anything will change. Such is the case with the man below. So I am (with his permission) going to show you his lesson 1, right as he started the purity course, then several lessons later on (lesson 53 and 54). Note the change, which is due to the Spirit of God using the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Notice the progression: skeptical, “clean”, worshiping.


Lesson 1 Question 2:


Mark writes: I can go for weeks or months resisting the temptation to look or lust and then in a flash, it is back.  I'll lose the fight for an hour, a day, or a few days and then fight it off for another period of time only to find myself sinning again.


Lesson 1 Question 6:


Mark writes: I have a glimmer of hope, but I am still rather skeptical I am sad to report.


Lesson 53 Question 12:


Mark writes, "I have learned through Setting Captives Free that the only hope I have to kick this evil habit is to stay at the cross. While I resisted at first the simplicity of the message, I have come to appreciate and love the logic.  I have been clean for over 53 days and believe I will remain clean for the rest of my life as I spend every day at the cross relying on Christ completely."


Lesson 54 Question 4:


Mark writes, “Whenever I pause and think about what Jesus accomplished on the cross and through His resurrection I can’t help but worship.  Notice how I used the word “pause”?  It is easy to become complacent and not stop the swirl of everyday life before setting my eyes on the cross.  Oh, but when I do.  When I block out the temporal things of this world which is but a vapor.  When I sit quietly and picture myself there on Calvary looking up at Jesus fully God and yet submitting himself to be tortured for me I collapse into worship.  There is no way I can dwell more than two seconds on the reality of what Jesus did for me without breaking out into worship.  First, he created me.  Then, he took my punishment just so that I could rise to the abundant life he wants for me.  Do I experience worship?  I have had to stop several times during the composition of this paragraph to cry out adorations to my Lord and Savior.”


Lesson 54 Question 10.


Mark writes, “I am typing this with tears in my eyes for the love I feel from my savior.  The song speaks love to my heart.  My verdict not guilty!  Praise be to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can’t keep me from worshiping my God and Savior.”



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