The Power of the Cross: 121st Edition, March 8, 2020

Mike Cleveland

The Power of the Cross: 121st Edition, March 8, 2020

Greetings friends,

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Announcement: Yuri from Russia has now completed the full translation of the Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course into Russian. Yuri has lost more than 35 pounds applying the Biblical principles taught in the course and we thank him for making this course available to all Russian speaking and reading people. You can see the course here: 



This week, we have a wonderful teaching video for you from one of Setting Captives Free’s mentors, Lennart. He is responding to our men’s Marco Polo weekly teaching, sent every Monday. Here is the teaching:

If you are a male and would like to join the Setting Captives Free Men’s Marco Polo group where Lennart shares weekly, simply go to this link from your smartphone:



Maria writes, "I found the A United Front course at a difficult time in my marriage. About six months before beginning it, I found out my husband was viewing pornography regularly and battling with lust. The first few days and weeks were volatile and awful as a wide range of emotions swept over us. Slowly, as we looked to the Lord together, we both began a journey of hope and healing. However, about five months in, my husband had what would be considered a "relapse," and I fell into deep despair. I felt just numb like I didn't even care anymore. Soon after, I began this course.

This course was so helpful for me because, in my time of crying out to God and feeling so alone, these lessons helped me turn my eyes to Jesus. Over and over again, this course pointed me toward Jesus and the cross. I was reminded that Jesus is enough, the cross is all-sufficient, and that Jesus is interceding for me and loving me. This course also encouraged me to continue in prayer for my husband and to fight alongside him. I'm learning what a joy and privilege it is to be a United Front alongside my husband.

The A United Front course is incredible at pointing spouses to Jesus and the cross and giving them tools to fight alongside their spouse. It is an excellent tool to guide your devotional time and keep you looking at Jesus instead of your problems."

Marylou writes, "The Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course taught me the gospel better than any other study or conversation I have ever had. I absolutely recommend it to anyone struggling with sin. I believe anyone struggling with any sin could the biblical principles taught in this course to their lives and glean freedom from it!

For me, this course taught me to embrace suffering with Christ and to, most incredibly, enjoy it. Because to suffer with Christ is to humble myself, and when I humble myself, His Spirit always brings to me the feet of my loving, gracious, compassionate Father, Jesus Christ.

Once I am there, the most amazing things happen! Suddenly, my love for self dies, my love for things of this world (a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything I see, and pride in my possessions and accomplishments 1 John 2:16 NLT) dies, and my love for Jesus grows. And through this love, I am able to keep in step with the Spirit leading my life, and as I do, I experience freedom! True freedom!!!

My mentor was Colleen. She was incredibly helpful. I appreciate her honesty, gentleness, her obvious LOVE of Jesus, her wisdom, and especially her thoughtful, heartfelt prayers. I have learned more than I ever thought possible.

If you are truly ready to give your life to God (in word and action), then all I can say to you is this: you are about to be set free, my friend! And I am so excited for you!! God is doing great things!"

Aaron writes, "I had taken the Setting Captives Free 1.0 courses in the past, but like so many others, I found out that radical amputation and abstaining built up my pride. And my pride led to a fall back into sexual sin. I came back to the new Setting Captives Free 2.0 last year.

The most significant discovery to me in the new course was the revelation of how I was not cherishing Jesus Christ. I thought I was, but after going through the Purity courses, I found out I was not.

I intentionally took my time going through each lesson because I wanted to hear from God and have Him transform my heart from selfish, prideful, and arrogant to one that reflects His love. So, the most significant change I have seen in my life since taking this course is an ever-growing dependence upon God's grace to keep me away from sin and in the love of Christ.

Another big thing I learned is love. Previously I had not taken the time to focus on the gospel every day. The whole gospel of Jesus Christ is about His love for sinners like me. When I take the time to not rush through this part of my day, it is a chain-breaking experience.

For me, a lot of my Christian life and experience was all about obedience and growing, but I was failing in both, and now I know why. I never drank deeply at the cross. We need to receive the revelation that Jesus loves us to the uttermost every day. When I bask in all the details of Jesus’ love and sacrifice, then all my temptations melt away. I need to grow more in this area, but I know the Lord will help me.

I recommend this course to others because it is the only course where you will find out how to use the gospel to get free from the grip of sin and leave it behind."


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Mike Cleveland
Volunteer for Setting Captives Free