The Power of the Cross: 107th Edition, November 24, 2019

Mike Cleveland

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Let the thoughts of a crucified Christ be never out of your mind, let them be food and drink unto you, let them be . . .
  your sweetness and consolation,
  your honey and your desire,
  your reading and your meditation.

Ah! remember this: 
  His wounds were deep,
  His burden weighty,
  His cup bitter,
  His suffering painful,
  His agony and torment above conception, beyond expression.

That blessed head of His—was crowned with thorns. 

Those eyes of His, which were purer than the sun—were put out by the darkness of death. 

Those ears of His which now hear nothing but hallelujahs—were filled with the blasphemies of the multitude. 

That blessed beautiful face of His, which was fairer than the sons of men—was spit on by beastly filthy wretches. 

That gracious mouth and tongue, which spoke as never any man spoke—was slandered and accused of blasphemy. 

Those hands of His, which healed the sick, which gave out pardons, which swayed a scepter in Heaven—were nailed to the cross. 

Those feet, which brought the glad tidings of peace and salvation into the world—were also nailed to the cross. 

All these great and sad things, did Jesus Christ suffer for His people! Oh! The more vile Christ made Himself for us—the more dear He ought to be unto us.

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Cheryle writes, "The journey I have been through with my husband's freedom from impurity has been the hardest battle of my life. But Jesus has, and He will continue to heal my heart. I am so grateful to Jesus for holding me tight when I thought I could not go on, and keeping me still in Him as my husband has grown in the Lord. 

I know I have so much more to learn in Christ, and that my daily walk needs to draw nearer and nearer to Him. I need to move as the Holy Spirit calls me. BUT I can rest in Jesus to accomplish all that as I yield to Him. 

The A United Front course reminded that the ultimate answer to all life's questions and our sufferings is THE GOSPEL (Christ's death on the cross and His resurrection three days later)!  The gospel is what I need, and I am so grateful for Setting Captives Free that reinforces that lovingly and encouragingly."

Shawn writes, "At the Setting Captives Free Purity Boot Camp course, I learned biblical principles for freedom from impurity.

Washing at the cross is me coming to Christ openly with true and pure repentance and receiving forgiveness. Walking by the spirit allows me to stay free because Christ is fighting my battles and temptations.

My desires are now  Christ-focused. I have a closer and more intimate relationship with Christ and my wife. The temptations to lust are there, but I am not a slave to them. Christ fights for me so I can keep walking true and pure. Now my desires are directed towards Christ and my wife. I have become a better spiritual leader for my family.
I recommend this course; it was eye-opening and transforming.


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Mike Cleveland