The Power of the Cross:

Mike Cleveland

Greetings friends,

Welcome to the new subscribers just joining us. We publish once per week on Sunday. The newsletter shares testimonies from Setting Captives Free students. We hope you will find the newsletter helpful and encouraging.

This week we have two testimonies from our newest course Purity Bootcamp, and another comment from our new weight loss course.


Susanne writes, "I am finding that other areas of my life are being challenged and changed as I press into Jesus and learn to live as He intended me to. I have been set free from the bondage to food, and am enjoying making choices based on how Jesus dealt with hunger, and not according to every new fad for losing weight or my own lack of self-control.


Carlos writes, "For many years, I was a slave to sexual lust through adultery and pornography. I struggled for many years to be free but was met with one failure after another. The fallout was deep. It cost me my marriage and a distancing from my children.

I was blessed to find the Setting Captives Free Purity course which gave me the tools I needed to assist me in my struggles, and God was merciful. I confessed my sins, repented of my sins and asked God for forgiveness. 

Because of the Blood His son (Jesus) shed on the Cross, because of the death, He died for me, death and Satan were defeated, with the end result of me being promised eternal life with my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Jesus unchained me from the chains of sexual sin, and now I am free to follow Him."


LK writes, "This Purity Bootcamp course has been a channel of blessing to me.

Coming to the cross to be washed has become more frequent for me over time. The Spirit has graciously brought me to the cross time and time again to show me my wonderful Savior dying for me in love, grace, and forgiveness. This experience has washed me of my filth, layer by layer. I have seen that the Lord made me flawless at the cross, but I have to experience this washing again and again by having deep fellowship in the Spirit and by letting His cleansing tides wash through me. I have to experience afresh that I'm clean and washed in the blood of Christ.

What struck me was that I have to learn to suffer with Christ. I had never seen it before. Warring against my flesh and denying its cravings took on a new meaning. When temptation starts tugging at me, it's an opportunity to suffer with Christ in this pain of denial and learn to have fellowship with Christ in His sufferings. The Spirit has come again and again to break my heart while in such suffering, and He has flooded me with grace and given me a taste of freedom.

The Lord has given me my personal battle plan step by step. He has spoken with me personally. Sometime halfway through the course, I was wondering how exactly to go on in freedom. The Lord's answer was to show me Christ and Him crucified. It's indescribable to see Jesus die on the cross for my sins and to see Him giving Himself for me unto death. It just shatters your heart and floods you with love that surpasses all words. My way forward can only be Christ and His precious cross.

I sincerely hope to find lifelong freedom from sexual sin by His grace. I still feel very weak and sometimes barely stand. I choose to glory in my weakness to know His power. I love You, Lord Jesus. Jesus, thank You for being alongside me on this long journey to freedom, which has taken me years. I believe You will set me free. I will lean on You and cling to Your cross. Thank You for letting me taste freedom and keeping me pure for some time now! You will complete Your work in me!”


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Mike Cleveland