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Mike Cleveland

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I have a short request and one note before this week’s testimony:


Request: we are beginning to write our next course, which will be a course for group study with a leader’s guide. The course is focused on how the gospel of Jesus Christ addresses every problem, issue and struggle human beings could have. We are requesting volunteers to go through the course and answer the questions, make any suggestions, edits, etc. that seem fitting. We only have one lesson done currently but will be adding lessons for a total of 50 lessons. If you are interested in volunteering to go through the course please click here to begin.


Note: we are having our second online, interactive Praise the Lamb event on February 13th, at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (9:00 PM Eastern time). Come and join in with reading, praise, prayer, teaching, all focused on “the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). It will be done online through Zoom, simply go to this link a few minutes before 6:00 PM Pacific time: We have attached a .PDF file about this event if you’d like to share with your church, friends, family, etc.  


Now, here is this week’s testimony. By way of introduction, you know that impurity is a huge problem in the world and in the church. It is one of the devil’s big guns, and numerous people are in bondage to it today. But the reality is that Jesus Christ came to this earth “to destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8), which He did through His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Because of the work of Jesus Christ, we should expect to see a multitude of people finding freedom right at the cross. Such is the case with the following man’s testimony. Maybe you are one who needs this kind of freedom, where sin is put to death and you rise to a new life. I pray that you would be encouraged in reading Gordon’s testimony below, and if we can help you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us:


Testimony: Gordon writes, "For the longest time, for as far back as I can remember in my young adult/adult life I was lost in the quagmire of lust and porn. A slave, worse, a willing slave, not realizing the dire circumstances I was in. Ignorant at first of my wrong doing towards God. By the time I became a Christian I was a slave to it and no matter what I tried, promising myself rewards for not falling back into it again, punishing myself for the times I did, trying to cut the internet off, reading books and all sorts of worldly things. The end result was always the same I fall, time and time again and when I did fall the regret got worse and worse, I could feel the Holy Spirit convicting me stronger each time. Eventually I got really depressed and angry with myself every time I fell, I just couldn't stop myself, a thought would pop into my head or an image etc and I would have to obey, it was like I would go onto auto pilot. This anger and depression would affect my relationship with my wife and kids, it was not a good time for any of us when I fell.


But God (this is my favorite two word combo in the bible, because it is always followed by something amazing) saw my misery and heard my anguished cries for help and instead of ignoring me or treating me as I deserve, He picked me up each time dusted me off and gave me the strength to carry on fighting. He was loving and patient with me, allowing me to get to the end of my rope of self-sufficiency so that I would realize I couldn't get out of the enemy's prison on my own, to finally realize I needed Him to do it for me and to finally stop being obstinate and give control to Him.

So I did and here I am, 58 days clear of the last time I looked at porn etc, A true miracle I can confirm as I had never before been able to get past 2 weeks (even this was rare for me) before I fell again. God lead me to confess my sins to my wife and my Pastor before I found out about setting captives free and it was during this discussion with him that he pointed me to this site.

What a blessing SCF has been for me, it has consistently pointed me to the cross, the Gospel, Jesus and the amazing work Jesus has done for me and everyone else. The Gospel is amazing in its power to save and sanctify. The cross gives me the hope, strength and dedication to live each day a slave for Christ, saying "NO" to the world and "YES" to Jesus. It keeps my eyes looking up rather than the things of this earth, it gets me focusing outwards rather than inwards. In short I have been blessed greatly, freed from bondage and chains, set free to live the life God wanted for me.

Praise God.



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Mike Cleveland

Volunteer for Setting Captives Free