June Update

Mike Cleveland <mike@...>

Greetings friends,


It is just 30 days now until we open the doors to Setting Captives Free 2.0, as we are still on target to go live July 4th. Unless something changes with the website development we will open as planned.


Here is where we are currently:


  • We have completed the purity course in its entirety, sixty days.
  • We have completed the United Front course in its entirety, thirty days.
  • We have completed the weight loss course in its entirety, sixty days.
  • We have completed half of the media addiction course, having finished fifteen out of thirty days.


In Setting Captives Free 2.0 we are utilizing text, audio, screencasts and videos.


Finally, we are also utilizing an application called Slack which, if you’re not familiar with it, is a great communication tool. You can join us in Slack right now if you’d like, though not much will be happening until we open the ministry on July 4th. We post gospel devotionals and interact with others, and I make announcements as to progress there.


In order to join us in Slack send an email to gospelgrowthministries@... and request to join, letting us know what email address you would like to use. We will then send you an invitation. Please be patient with us in getting the invitation to you as we are all busy working on getting ready to open.


Finally, please pray for us, we really need your prayers, and we thank you for that very much.




Mike Cleveland

Volunteer at Gospel Growth Ministries