Monthly Update

Mike Cleveland <mike@...>

Hello friends,

I'm writing with our next update, thank you for being on this list. We are very excited about launching this ministry and are praying that God would already be preparing people to come and find freedom from life-dominating sin struggles. 

As of today we are 60 days from launching Setting Captives Free 2.0, which will open on July 4, 2017 Lord willing. We have a lot of work to do between now and then, but we've accomplished a lot of work also. 

  • We are finished with the purity course, 60 out of 60 days. It is now being reviewed by our board and our mentors, and many changes and edits are taking place.

  • We have completed 10 days of the weight loss course, so we're 10 out of 60 completed. It is being edited and changes suggested by people on our board and others in our ministry. I estimate this course will be completed as our ministry is opening on July 4. 

  • We have completed 17 days of the A United Front course, so we're 17 out of 30 completed. Likewise it is being edited and changes suggested by reviewers. We estimate this course will be completed by the end of May, or the beginning of June.

  • The next course we will be working on is the Mentorship Course, which will be 30 days long, followed by the other courses listed.
  • Our website developer has completed the first of four phases, and is currently working on phase two. He has assured us that everything will be complete and running by July 1, 2017. So we are on track there as well. 

We do have one main need: we need people who will partner with us in prayer. We just really don't want to do one single thing without the leading of the Lord, and so we are bathing everything we do in prayer. Would you join us in praying for Setting Captives Free? We would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you again for reading, and we will update in one month unless there are other changes to let you know about before then.


Mike Cleveland