The Power of the Cross: 80th Edition, May 19, 2019

Mike Cleveland

Greetings friends,

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For the teaching this week, Mike and Jody Cleveland discuss the question: Does setting consequences for our sin make us stop sinning?

Here are three testimonies this week:

Weight Loss:

Robin writes, "The intimacy with Christ that the Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course helped me to develop is precious and priceless. Jesus' sacrifice for my freedom from sin - what a gift! Since taking this course, I find that I enjoy spending time in the Word and that when I miss a day, not in the Word, I feel it emotionally.

I have enjoyed waiting for my stomach to growl, and when it's lunchtime at work, and maybe my stomach hasn't growled yet, I turn to Christ and feed from Him. God has continued to bless me in my life in many ways, and I can see the goodness.
I have been studying with Setting Captives Free for over a year now (off and on), and I have lost 45 pounds.

Christian writes, "I recommend the Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course to every believer - even to those who are not necessarily overweight. The principles taught in this course are helpful and apply to all areas of our life.

Since taking this course, my thinking is changing. I am not as obsessed with food as I was before. I am not looking to diets anymore to bring me freedom. I am looking to Jesus in all my needs, and I want to find all my needs fulfilled in Him

Purity Bootcamp:

Emil writes, "The Setting Captives Free Purity Boot Camp course taught me what it means to have freedom in Christ. I learned that it is a really a good message that it is not about me, not about what I can do, but rather about what Jesus has already done for me. There is freedom in Jesus.

Now, I come to the cross of Christ every day for washing. I read the Bible and pray the word back to God. I am so thankful that God led me to this course.

The Holy Spirit is very helpful to me and reminds me every time about what I have to do. I have blocked all access to porn on my phone.  I am warring against my flesh. When I live by the spirit, I have a great, great help.

There is true freedom in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Christ alone I have freedom. I want to never look back. Only look to and wash at the cross every day and war against my flesh together with the Holy Spirit.

P.S. The Purity Bootcamp course is now available in book form for personal or small group study. To purchase, go here: 


Mike Cleveland
Volunteer for Setting Captives Free